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Press Release - 11/30/2017


Congress Launches Bipartisan Congressional Bus Caucus

Washington, D.C. - The Bus Coalition and Community Transportation Association of America are excited to join Co-Chairs Congressmen David Young (R-IA) and Rick Larsen (D-WA) to announce the official launch of the Bipartisan Congressional Bus Caucus (BCBC). The purpose of BCBC is to give a stronger voice to the over 1,100 bus transit systems across the country and highlight the need for adequate federal funding of bus transit programs.


“In Iowa, public transit relies almost entirely on busses. Whether bringing folks to and from their jobs or to visit family and friends, public transit is critical to these folks’ lives and helping our rural communities thrive. I recognize bus transit is an asset in my district and across the country with transit systems like DART in the Des Moines area providing a critical service to economy,” said Congressman Young. “I am happy to be a co-chair of this caucus and look forward to working with my colleagues to advance important issues related to bus transit.” - Congressman David Young


As someone who uses public transportation every day, I understand just how critical safe and reliable bus systems are for working Americans,” said Larsen. “With more than 195 million passenger trips in Washington state annually, I am thrilled to co-chair the Congressional Bus Caucus – robust investment in buses and transportation will keep the economy thriving.” – Congressman Rick Larsen


The Caucus seeks to highlight the benefits of investing in bus systems, the challenges accompanying aging bus fleets and facilities, and encourage innovation in a rapidly changing transportation climate. The Caucus will raise awareness on Capitol Hill by holding occasional events to highlight the importance of transit agencies striving to deliver reliable service and meet a state of good repair.


Buses are the unsung hero in our nation’s transportation network and provide over 51% of transit trips per year. Every day, 14.9 million passenger trips are made across the country on buses. Added together, 5.44 billion bus transit trips per year provide access for people with disabilities, cost-effective transportation for low income riders and help commuters get to work, students to school and patients to see their doctor. While buses may not get the attention of larger, urban transit modes, they are the backbone of the transit ecosystem and provide critical service in communities of all sizes.


“As President of The Bus Coalition and CEO of Link Transit, I see how funding cuts at the federal, state and local level are impacting bus systems of all sizes. Many agencies are struggling to keep up with aging fleets and crumbling transit facilities. We know when systems age and service is cut, the rider experience suffers and ridership declines.  That’s why I’m so excited about the formation of a new Congressional Caucus that will shine light on the needs of the bus transit community and give voice to a transportation asset that is so important to our local and national economy.” - Richard DeRock, President of The Bus Coalition


"Buses are the work horses of rural and small city transit agencies and we look forward to sharing our experiences and collaborating with Members of Congress." - Scott Bogren, CTAA Executive Director



The Federal Transit Administration plays an integral part in public bus transportation system. The video below describes their role and why it is extremely important to invest in public bus transportation.

In order to have a strong infrastructure, members of congress need to take a stance and stand up for supporting the much needed investment. Congressman Panetta is just one of the many backing an investment in bus transit.

285 Bus Transit Related Entities Voice Support in Letter to President Trump

With the new Trump Administration in place and the constant notion of extensive investment in America's infrastructure, The Bus Coalition and Community Transportation Association of America felt it was imperative to speak up for bus systems nationwide and educate the new administration about the need for more investment in America's Bus transit network. This letter has strong support from 285 TBC and CTAA members spanning into 49 States. Below is a map displaying the support.


On March 12th, 2017, over 65 members of The Bus Coalition met at the American Public Transportation Association's Legislative Conference in Washington, DC. It was at this meeting, 4 years ago, where The Bus Coalition was founded. To this day, the coalition continues to grow with new members and supporters being added all the time!


The big push so far this year was the development of a joint letter (shown on the left) between the Bus Coalition and Community Transportation Association of America directed to President Trump. Over 285 transit systems in 49 states signed on to the letter asking for $2.85 billion in bus transit funds when the President develops his infrastructure program.


Also discussed was the future of The Bus Coalition and our work to continue making sure bus transit systems small, medium, and large have adequate funding to serve the American people. All of the members present were excited by the work done so far and future outlook of TBC and agreed to move ahead with our programs.

(Click here to download the full copy of the letter)

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