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The next six years or more of federal transit funding will be determined in the coming weeks. Not enough US House of Representative Members understand how badly mid and small transit agencies have been impacted under MAP-21 and that the Senate's Drive Act does not do the job. It was also apparent bus transit systems didn't have the time to create an educational report explaining the condition of their transit system's federal bus capital position; this is where The Bus Coalition came in.


A mixed group of small, medium, and large bus transit General Managers thought it was imperative to create an application that would request data in a user friendly way, and would generate a PDF report  systems could use to visually show their federal funding position. With the help of web developer Uplifted.net, we were able to make this idea become reality.


This report asks for two important pieces of data:

  1. Federal funding by program from 2006 (SAFETEA_LU) - 2015
  2. Composition of your current bus fleet and anticipated replacement needs for the next six years.


Using this data, the report will produce a personalized, graphical report that can be sent to your US Congressional Members, State Legislators, Board of Directors, and anyone else you so choose. There are also a few editable spaces where you can use a PDF editor to add your own annotations; thus, making your report even more personalized.


Recommended: Please have the above data compiled before you start. If you receive Sec.5339 Bus & Bus Facilities monies from your state, please try to have those figures figured before you start. It might require a call to your State's DOT.

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As surveys are completed, The Bus Coalition will aggregate the responses and produce an industry snapshot that will also be used in Washington DC with Congressional Members. The aggregated results will be posted below when available.

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