The Bus Coalition's success is dependent on the actions of its members, supporters, and partners. Without these groups, it would be impossible for us to continue the impact we are having on the bus transit industry.


Below are three general steps we follow when taking action:

Step 1: Wait for the Call to Action email

The "Call to Action" email is important because sometimes it lists specific people or groups who need to be contacted. It will also tell you what needs to be communicated.

Step 2: Contact

The preferred method of contact is by phone. Many times you will not be able to speak directly with the Congressman, so it is almost preferred to reach out to their Transportation Legislative Assistant. A list of LAs can be found under our "US Congress" page.

Step 3: Report

Once you have reached out to the individual or group, notify one of the following individuals about who you contacted and what their response was like:


 Ed Redfern (, or

Lance Husak (


This will help us track and define our strategy.

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US Congress

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